About FlexiDam is a leading provider of water inflated flood barriers and cofferdams. It’s deployed as an emergency protection system to reduce the catastrophic effects of flooding on homes and industrial structures in flood prone areas. 

FLEXIDAMs systems are installed faster and require less labor, they are environmentally cleaner than sandbags and its design works as a temporary flood protection in flash flooding events, or when excessive heavy rain overwhelms permanent flood protection, such as levees and dams.

They are deployed as temporary cofferdams in, or around, bodies of water to dewater project sites or to divert water around the project sites. FLEXIDAM can also be used as temporary water enclosures to hold water for construction or irrigation purposes.

Flood Protection Services

Water Dams

When flooding is eminent and water is everywhere, Rely on water-inflatable FLEXIDAM

Cost Effective Emergency Flood Control

Patented Innovative Emergency Flood Protection System
Stacked, Inter-Connected Flexible Tubes
Durable -Water Dams made of High-Strength Geomembrane
Small Foot Print Provides More Height for the Width
Minimal Clean-up Required Afterwards

Faster and Cleaner than Sandbags

How does it work?

By simply pumping water, even flood water, into our water-inflatable FLEXIDAM, you can prevent flooding much faster than filling up and stacking sandbags and without the need for heavy equipment.

Water-inflatable FLEXIDAM

  • Unique triangular configuration that provides stability to withstand turbidity forces against rolling.
  • Higher flood protection height than other water dams inflatable systems.
  • High strength material with excellent abrasion resistance.
  • Tested and approved by NASA in cooperation with the Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program.
Following are some of the applications that can be constructed more efficiently utilizing water-inflatable FLEXIDAM
  • Emergency Flood Protection
  • Water dams for Flood Prevention
  • Stream Diversion
  • Pipeline Crossings Installation and Repair
  • Bridge Construction and Repair
  • Boat Ramp Construction and Rehabilitation
  • Riverbank Restoration
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Holding Basins

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