Flood Protection Services

Faster and Cleaner than Sandbags

Water Dams

When flooding is eminent and water is everywhere,Rely on water-inflatable FLEXIDAM
Cost Effective Emergency Flood Control

Patented Innovative Emergency Flood Protection System
Stacked, Inter-Connected Flexible Tubes
Durable -Water Dams made of High-Strength Geomembrane
Small Foot Print Provides More Height for the Width
Minimal Clean-up Required Afterwards

How does it work?

By simply pumping water, even flood water, into our water-inflatable FLEXIDAM, you can prevent flooding much faster than filling up and stacking sandbags and without the need for heavy equipment.

Water-inflatable FLEXIDAM

  • Unique triangular configuration that provides stability to withstand turbidity forces against rolling.
  • Higher flood protection height than other water dams inflatable systems.
  • High strength material with excellent abrasion resistance.
  • Tested and approved by NASA in cooperation with the Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program.
Following are some of the applications that can be constructed more efficiently utilizing water-inflatable FLEXIDAM
  • Emergency Flood Protection
  • Water dams for Flood Prevention
  • Stream Diversion
  • Pipeline Crossings Installation and Repair
  • Bridge Construction and Repair
  • Boat Ramp Construction and Rehabilitation
  • Riverbank Restoration
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Holding Basins