Water Dam Advantages

Smaller Footprint and overall size

Provides more height for the width compared to other systems. Provides less bulky tubes for ease of installation in a broad range of applications.


Designed in a triangular configuration for maximum stability to withstand turbidity forces against rolling or sliding.


Portable water dams can be reused in most situations with proper handling.


Water Dams manufactured under high quality control procedures and fabricated from high strength geomembrane to assure consistent and reliable performance in demanding environments.

Longevity and UV Protection

Resistant to ultra violet rays, cracking, premature aging, and extreme weather conditions.

Environmentally Friendly

Utilizes local water sources with virtually no adverse environmental impact compared to other methods of fluid containment.

Ease of Operation

Water Dams easy to install and store; easier to clean up afterwards - simply release water back to a stream.